Dead bushes?

Since Minecraft Java Edition's inception, dead bushes have been part of Minecraft Java Edition. They have remained a constant feature ever since and can be found within a variety of biomes.

While most Minecraft players are familiar enough with dead bushes to be able to identify their practical applications, many new players can get confused about the other uses of dead bushes. This article will discuss all possible uses of dead bushes in Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition.

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What do dead bushes (shrubs) do in Minecraft?

There are many uses for dead bushes in Minecraft. Most commonly, dead bushes are used for artistic purposes in building. You can harvest dead bushes with shears and place them in your building projects. You can also place dead plants within a flower bot to make a nice ornament.

Broken dead bushes can also be used without the use of shears. You can get sticks quickly by dropping between 0 to 2 sticks.

Dead bushes can be used as sticks by speedrunners. It is much faster to cut dead bushes than to punch trees with no tools. This can only be done if the player is spawned in a desert, badland or giant tree taiga. Dead bushes cannot spawn in other biomes.

You can also use dead bushes to fuel a furnace. Each dead bush will only smelt 1 item. Players can quickly collect many dead bushes if they are located in the right biome, as they can be mined immediately with shears. This could be helpful if there isn't much coal or other fuel sources available at the beginning of the game.

Minecraft: Where can you find dead bushes?

Six blocks are available for dead bushes to spawn. These blocks include sand and red sand as well as podzol, dirt, fine dirt, and Terracotta. Dead bushes can only be created in deserts, badlands and biomes with giant tree taiga trees, as previously mentioned.