Springfield in minecraft ?

One Minecraft player decided to recreate Springfield, the iconic city from The Simpsons. While recreating a city may seem like an impossible and difficult task, it is not as hard as some of the other large Minecraft builds that have been displayed over the years.

It has been a decade since Minecraft was released. The blocky world is now used to create amazing displays. Minecraft players have created entire cities and planets on one-to-1 scales. These builds can take several days or even months to complete. The more adventurous players will complete their builds in survival mode. This allows them to avoid having their creation destroyed by the Minecraft Creepers. Any large-scale, successful Minecraft build deserves praise, especially if it comes from a cultural icon like The Simpsons.

Reddit user BlocksterCraft did exactly that, showing off a complete recreation of Springfield in Minecraft. BlocksterCraft takes the audience on a creative flight through Springfield, passing many iconic landmarks from the show. The house of the titular family and Ned Flanders are just a few. Springfield Elementary, the famous Springfield tire flame (though it is not currently on fire), Krusty Burger and Moe's Tavern are just a few of the many recreated items. BlocksterCraft's Minecraft texture pack allows them to customize the Minecraft menu text to match the Simpsons color palette. BlocksterCraft took seven months to create and was well received by other Reddit players.


It is the first time that Minecraft players have ever seen a whole city taken from a cartoon rebuilt in Minecraft. This is probably why it received so much praise and attention on Reddit. However, Springfield isn't the only place Minecrafters have recreated from a cartoon or video game. It is very common to recreate locations from anime and the Pokemon videogame in Minecraft. However, it is rare to see complete recreations of large cities from Pokemon.