Minecraft seeds for 1.19

11. 22. 2022

Minecraft seeds for 1.19

Are you looking for the best Minecraft seeds at 1.19? The Wild Update brought new reasons to explore Minecraft's infinite worlds. The updated terrain generation and new Mangrove Swamps, combined with the new Deep Dark underground biomes, make it a great time to search for new Minecraft seeds.

This guide will show you 30 of the best Minecraft seed in 1.19. It covers everything from beautiful savannas and swamps to underground Deep Dark Ancient Cities. There are also easy diamond access to difficult island starts. We have the perfect seed for whatever you are looking for.

Note: If you are using Java on your mobile device, Xbox, or any other device that doesn't support Java, then we recommend our list of the best Minecraft Bedrock seed for 1.19!

It is very simple to use a Minecraft seed in order to create a new environment. Here's how it works:

Click the main menu and click Singleplayer. Next, click Create New World. Then, click More World Options. Click Create New World and enter your chosen Minecraft seed in the black text box. Simple!

If you leave the box empty, the game will generate a random seed for you and then use it to create your world. You will need to input the seed for a specific world from the list below before you can start your new game.

Best Minecraft seeds for 1.19

Giant Mangrove Swamp Start

For many years, swamps have been one of the most boring biomes in Minecraft. With the Wild Update, the Swamps are finally getting some love. The lovely-looking Mangrove Swamp is now available. This seed will allow you to start on the coast in a massive, sprawling Mangrove Swamp, which is filled with trees, lilypads and water. There are also plenty of cute little frogs.

Seed: 4025804172371830787

Deep Dark and Ancient Cities

Minecraft's worlds have undergone another major update with the 1.19 update. This update introduced the dark Deep Dark biome and the large Ancient Cities within. This seed park puts you right at the edge of a large Deep Dark Biome, which you can easily access via the idyllic Roofed forest on the surface.

Seed: -2909343002793827664

Mountain Range and Deep Dark Biome

Another seed that gives you early access the new Deep Dark biome. Here you are presented with the stunning view of a snowcapped mountain range, surrounded by forests. You'll find yourself in the middle of a massive Deep Dark biome, home to many Ancient Cities. Enjoy exploring, but be careful of the Warden!

Seed: 7644964991330705060

Immediate Ancient City

This world completes our trilogy of Deep Dark seed. It offers a great start because it has a nearby forest village from which you can descend into the deep ravine below. Continue on and you'll soon see pockets of Deep Dark biome. Next, you'll find another magnificent and ominous Ancient City, filled with lavafalls and chests full of goodies and mineshafts. It's dangerous down there.

Seed: -4651105460712845864

Giant Treeless Desert

This coastal desert seed will give you a challenge. It will be difficult to find trees to support your first wooden tools. There is a desert village just a few miles away, but will it provide enough food for you to survive? Only one way to find the answer.

Seed: -8631174543717435159

Incredible Hollow Mountain

This is the most amazing Minecraft seed I have ever seen. This is where you will spawn next to a mountain in a Roofed forest. A crack in the mountain's side will lead to a magical place. The entire mountain is hollow, filled with stalactites and abandoned mineshafts. There are many other strange and wonderful features that lead down to deepslate. It is truly amazing.

Seed: 8486672581758651406

Snowcapped Mountains

As you might expect, the Minecraft seed features snowcapped mountains dominating the landscape. You'll see the peaks rise as you follow the snowline to the west. This is a great place to start lows and highs. Right next to your spawn is the entrance to a huge cave system that descends to the bottom of the earth. There are many opportunities to mine early Minecraft diamonds and enchant here.

Seed: -7649949940957896961

Easy Diamonds

This beautiful starting seed plants you at the border of a meadow or savanna. It is atop one the many winding hills that Minecraft 1.18 has added. Even more interesting is the fact that there are numerous prominent gaps in the ground surrounding you. Each of these leads to vast caverns filled full of dripstone, diamond and copper.

Seed: -4361528937055201680

Easy Diamonds 2

You'd agree that the ravine has a beautiful curve. It's almost as if the entire landscape is smiling at us, inviting us to climb into its mouth and explore the subterranean depths below. It's always a good idea to start near the entrance to such a huge cave system. This allows you to easily reach the Y-Level that you require and begin strip-mining for diamonds, and other essentials, from day one.

Seed: -7723232821704547830

Easy Diamonds 3

This one is a seed of great heights and low depths. This one will spawn in a forest near a threatening snow-capped mountain. It's a very cool seed. The key is to find the tiny cave entrance next to your spawning place. Although it may seem like it leads nowhere, it will continue going and going until it suddenly becomes a magnificent cavern that drops to almost bedrock level. You can find all the deep-world riches you desire, including diamonds.

Seed: -8169697951202909253

Easy Diamonds 4

It's not often that you can see sunlight against deepslate. This Birch Forest seed plant will take you right next to a large hole in the world. A waterfall is coming from a nearby stream. You'll soon descend to Level 0 and deep into deepslate territory. If I have ever seen one, it is a great seed for rapid diamond excavation.

Seed: -198600772450851689

Giant Cavern Spawn

This amazing Minecraft seed presents an interesting challenge: how do you get out of the cavern that you've spawned? This seed spawns you at Y-24, which is below sea level. It is surrounded by winding caves and dripstone. To climb out of the cavern and collect your first planks from the snowy plains, you'll need to be a skilled spelunker.

Seed: 7445395903252703439

Savanna Hillside Village

This is a wonderful spot for a village. The village was created by a group of villagers who decided to build their huts on the side of a large hill. This creates a beautiful landscape. You can also choose to expand or rule the village with your first build.

Seed: -698247204184653391

Shipwreck Island

This seed was a must-have. 1.19 doesn't have many small island starts. The game is better at placing you on the nearest part of the mainland. This is why I was intrigued by this seed. This is the smallest island I've ever spawned, with only a few sand blocks in size. Because there are no trees nearby, players who spawn here will likely die. However, there is a shipwreck just a short distance away that allows you to get your first few planks.

Seed: -9142863513851137753

Villages & Pyramids

This desert seed is full of structures. There will be two villages to your right, but if you wander around, you'll find many more. You can also find desert pyramids and even a few temples in the jungles. This is one of our favorite seeds if you want to get early access all kinds of useful resources and contraptions.

Seed: 6630997395534342573

Flat Building Area

This seed is perfect for anyone looking for a flat area to build a huge Minecraft project. You will begin your adventure on a meadows hill, with only a few trees scattered about for initial wood. This location is my favorite because of the way the rivers cut through the landscape. It gives an otherwise boring patch of land incredible views, especially if you use the best Minecraft shaders!

Seed: 4504535438041489910

Two-Tree Desert Island

This desert island spawn is a great option for a more difficult starting seed. Although it's a large island, the number of trees on the entire landmass might make you wonder if your chances of survival are good.

Seed: -7740300553320684095

Instant Lush Caves

This seed is not very special above ground, but it does have some excellent ice spikes. This seed is a favorite because you can dig below ground to find a huge, sprawling Lush Caves biome that is covered in dripleaf, lichen, and other bizarre and wonderful subterranean quirks.

Seed: -6002410844389446864

Plains & Surface Lava

This idyllic Minecraft seed contains a little bit of everything. You will find a plains Minecraft village next to the spawn; savanna peaks to your northwest; surface lava to give you an early Nether rush; cows, and other Minecraft mobs nearby for early food... What more could one need to quickly set up a new Minecraft world.

Seed: -1718501946501227358

Coastal Rock Formation

The towering rock formation at the coast caught my attention in this beautiful-looking Minecraft landscape. These formations are my favorite, and they just beg for some kind of build. Perhaps a lighthouse or a mansion. The landscape around you is just as charming, with sunflower and flower forests scattered about and a ruined portal in water not far from spawn.

Seed: 5662255238676129291

Two-Tone Island

As I mentioned, it is difficult to find island seeds in 1.19. However, this one struck me as a wonderful place to create a new home. It is quite unique, with the one side covered in sand and forest on the other. This seed is a good choice for island starts, as it will give you several trees to help you get started. It just seems like a great foundation to build a rustic Minecraft home, don't ya think?

Seed: 1664128793606897522

Desert Badlands Coast

This starting seed is perfect for those who love the view of Badlands hillstops. To find wood, climb up to the top of the mountain. From there, you can take a look at the vast desert landscape and decide what interests you.

Seed: 4479470260786833195

Dripstone Ravine

This seed plant places you right at the edge of a beautiful, dripstone-covered ravine. The more you look at it, the more you realize that such terrain generation was impossible before the Caves and Cliffs update. You'll be surrounded by forests, swampland and everything in between if you poke your head above the ground.

Seed: 821163920768877950

Forest Cliffs

This seed is a great place for you to begin if you want to take in the new peaks, troughs and terrain generation of Minecraft 1.18. This is where you will spawn, near the top of a large Taiga mountain, and looking down at the beautiful valleys below. It's a long way down, so be careful not to fall!

Seed: -9163391121958459490

Badlands Mountain

Terracotta enthusiasts will love this seed. It starts you on top of beautiful, deserted badlands. Although it's not the most difficult starting seed in the universe you might find it challenging if there isn't any wildlife or trees in the immediate area.

Seed: -932245979383499761

Old Growth Pine Taiga

One of my favorite biomes types is the Old Growth Pine Taiga biomes. These tall, towering forests are so mysterious and fascinating. It's almost like Lord Of The Rings. Hills rise up from the ground to break up the land, raising the forest canopy even higher. Perhaps a good spot to build a treehouse?

Seed: -5543523367840054503

Ocean Of Ice Spikes

This unique seed plant is a twist on the traditional island start. It places you on a small, snowy beach with one tree, surrounded in an ocean of ice spikes. You'll need to navigate your way through this icy landscape to find more welcoming climates. Polar bears are the only wildlife that is nearby.

Seed: -6909477426377259322

Bamboo Jungle

This jungle start gives you immediate access to a lot of jungle wood and a lot of bamboo. You'll find a safe, secure ravine that gives you easy access and control to basic ores like copper and coal. You can either head south to enjoy warmer climates or take a boat across water to explore acres of forest.

Seed: -4813269715648826820

Savanna & Desert Village

This seed is perfect for those who love Savanna biomes as much I do. This sprawling Savanna is located right at the edge of a desert and houses both a Pyramid as well as a Village. It is also overlooked by a beautiful valley of forest mountains. These mountains are ideal for building a Minecraft castle, or any other magnificent build.

Seed: -184311627141651860

Mooshroom Island

This seed may not be very notable - it's just a small beach at the edge of some Taiga plains. Once you have the basics down, you can take a boat out to the southwest and you'll find one of the largest Mooshroom biomes that I know. This seed is for those who love fungi!

Seed: 7749012223532925400

These are the best Minecraft seeds that we have at the moment. Hopefully you've found a few worlds that match your requirements. There are many texture packs that can be used to give your new world a more visual pop. You don't have to stop at the world. You deserve a new Minecraft adventure, so take a look through our list of the top Minecraft skins.