Minecraft: Outdated client?

12. 04. 2022

Minecraft: Outdated client?

Many Minecraft multiplayer players encounter the "outdated client problem". This is especially true when players are trying to play on Minecraft servers that require them to use different client versions.

This problem is easy to fix.

What does it mean to be an outdated client in Minecraft?

When a player attempts to use an older version of Minecraft to join a Minecraft Realms or server, the "outdated client error" message is often displayed.

Even if the Minecraft server or realm isn't running the latest version, it is enough for this message to appear.

How to fix Minecraft's outdated client message

This issue can be fixed easily. Players simply need to update their Minecraft version. This process may be slightly different depending on the version of Minecraft.

This guide will help players match the appropriate Minecraft version.

For Java Edition players:

Minecraft Java Edition users can update their game by clicking the "Latest Release" button in the main menu.

If players are still unsure, they can refer to the YouTube video below:

Windows 10 Edition (Bedrock), Players:

Windows 10 (Bedrock Edition) users can update their game by finding Minecraft in the Windows 10 Store and clicking the "Update" button.

For Nintendo Switch (Bedrock), Players:

On the Nintendo Switch, players can use the "+" key to navigate to the Software Update option and then press "Via The Internet."

For Mobile (Bedrock) Players:

Players can use a mobile device to navigate to the App Store page for Minecraft.

For PS4/PS5 players (Bedrock):

PS4/PS5 gamers can update their Minecraft game by clicking on the Options for Minecraft game on the PS Media Bar and pressing "Check For Update," as shown below.

Xbox (Bedrock), Xbox Players:

Xbox users can update their games by going to the "games & apps" menu, then finding Minecraft. Next, select "Manage Game" and then navigate to "Updates".