Minecraft beach house

Since its inception, Minecraft has been around for a long time. Minecraft was first released in 2009. It has been updated and added new features over time. Minecraft players love to build houses.

Minecraft beach houses are a popular choice of building. It is a unique experience to build a beachfront property. They make great props in roleplay scenarios, especially when used on Minecraft roleplay servers.

Below is a list of five top Minecraft beach house designs that will inspire you.

Top 5 Minecraft beach house designs

5) A tropical island house on the water

The first one to be noticed is the one that commands attention from all passers-by. This build was filmed by YouTuber A1MOSTADDICTED and shows a beautiful beachfront property. This build includes a variety of rooms including multiple bedrooms and storage.

Although it is quite large, it is very affordable to build. It mostly requires a lot of wood which should be easy to find.

4) Simple beach survival home

Although this build from YouTuber "Sv Gravity", may not be the largest, it is functional. This build is all about space usage and includes everything players would need to survive in a survival Minecraft world.

This option is ideal for those who have limited space or are looking for something cute. This house is also great for a starter home and it's affordable due to its low construction cost.

3) Exotic style beachhouse

The next beach house blueprint was created by Minecraft YouTuber CurtisBuilds. It is a stunning beachfront, surrounded by exotic palms. This build will require gamers to have access to plenty of clay, concrete, and wood.

The house was built on one island in this example. Players can choose to build the house on an island or on another beach. Although this build isn’t the largest on the list it is certainly the most spectacular.

2) Beach mansion

The next build is highlighted by YouTuber Creative Craft and is a great option for anyone looking to make something more extravagant. This build is simply called the "Beach Mansion" and it's anything but humble. However, this is not to say the design isn’t spectacular.

This house is not cheap to build, as the name may suggest. This house is not feasible for people with a lot of resources, such as stained glass or quartz. This build will make heads turn and it is well worth the effort.

1) A realistic beach house

The last but not least, this is CurtisBuilds's realistic rendering of a beach home. The build is not only beautiful but also very practical. It has all the amenities players could want including a living area, bedroom and basement.

This build is easy and inexpensive. You only need quartz (or concrete), glass, and wood. This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a simple beach house design.