Minecraft 1.7 servers for PvP

12. 28. 2022

Minecraft 1.7 servers for PvP

Minecraft PvP fans will be aware of the key differences between Minecraft servers 1.7 & 1.8. Some players prefer the PvP style in version 1.7 because it offers better hit registration and feels smoother.

Version 1.7 was released over a decade ago but it is still very popular today. This list highlights three servers that offer a truly surreal experience, and is perfect for anyone looking for the best 1.7 server.

Top Three Minecraft version.1.7 servers for PvP

3) Purple Prison

IP address: purpleprison.com

Purple Prison is a PvP server for hardcore prisoners. It offers a variety game modes including dropper, parkour and mazes. It has a large community and is open to new players.

Purple Prison, unlike other servers in the league, supports game version 1. Automated PvP events are available every hour of each day. These include KOTH events and PvP-Mine Events, SupplyDrops, as well as other events.

Server Address: purpleprison.com

2) Lunar Network

IP Address: lunar.gg

Most people associate the Lunar Network with the Lunar Client. This client is very popular in the PvP community. It supports all major versions of the game up to version 1.7.

The Lunar Network server supports 1.7, which is the most popular version. The server is heavily focused on PvP. You can play in 1v1 duels and many other games.

Server Address: lunar.gg

1) Minemen Club

IP Address: minemen.club

Minemen Club, which boasts over 1000 players at peak times, is the most popular PvP Server right now. This server offers all kinds of Minecraft PvP game modes, and is loved by the PvP community.

This server offers popular game modes like Skywars and BedWars, Duels and UHC. Although the Minemen's Club supports both 1.7 and 1.8 versions, most of its most loyal players prefer version 1.7.