How to use seeds in Minecraft

01. 01. 2023

How to use seeds in Minecraft

World generation is important for Minecraft seeds. Every world continues to grow as players explore more and more since the 0.9 update. The world seed is responsible for this. Although the generation is random, each one has a string number to identify it.

This is what Minecraft had to say about world seeds

They can be used by players to create a replica of another world or explore the same world as they did. Here's how it works.

A world seed is used to create a new Minecraft world.

Sometimes Minecrafters stumble across something amazing when creating a new world. Maybe there is a village near spawn or a temple in the desert just above the mountain. Sometimes it's because it's a great building location. But, for whatever reason, players often want the same worlds as others.

If this is the case, players should make a note of it. Players will also need to know the seed if they want to create a new survival environment based on their creative world, or vice versa.

Here's how you can find it:

Players can now create new worlds, regardless of whether they are using their own seed or another's. Players will need to navigate the menu to "Play" to select to create a new universe.

You will find the same world settings from there. This time, the world seed will not be pre-populated and instead have a text field. The seed can be input exactly the same way as the original world, but it will have a text box. It will be identical to the original.