Ghost cloak guide for Minecraft dungeons

The Ghost Cloak is a useful artifact in Minecraft Dungeons. It allows players to pass through enemies while taking damage.

The Ghost Cloak allows Minecraft Dungeons heroes to temporarily avoid damage and still be able to move past enemy mobs by activating it. This artifact is extremely helpful in situations where it is difficult to escape from a dangerous situation. The Ghost Cloak can be used by Minecraft Dungeons heroes to move around and reposition themselves if they are trapped in an area. This artifact is one of the most useful in the game for survivability and provides heroes with an easy escape.


Minecraft Dungeons - Obtaining and Using the Ghost Cloak

Although it shouldn't take too much to grab a Ghost Cloak, loot drops are subject to Minecraft Dungeons RNG (Random number Generator). Ghost Cloaks are available in specific locations. However, they can also be purchased by Village, Luxury, or Mystery merchants. The Ghost Cloak can be purchased by heroes if they have difficulty finding it.


The Ghost Cloak is an item drop that can sometimes be found in these areas:

Although it may take some runs to get the Ghost Cloak to drop in the levels specified, the artifact's rarity ranges between common and rare. Both are not difficult to find. While some players may find the difficulty increase frustrating, the Ghost Cloak is a worthwhile reward for heroism and a great tool to survive at higher levels of difficulty.

The Ghost Cloak, which can be activated in Minecraft Dungeons will transform the hero into a ghost-like form. This increases their speed and allows them to pass through enemy mobs. The player's incoming damage will be reduced by 50% while in ghost form. This protects them from being repositioned.


Players should remember that ghost forms don't work like Shadow Brew shadow forms. Enemy mobs can still see heroes and chase them/attack them. Heroes should also be aware of the limitations and cancelling of ghost form. It only works for a brief time and can be cancelled if they use any of their weapons. Although the Ghost Cloak can be a very useful artifact, it cannot protect or hide players from hostile mobs. There are always drawbacks to artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons. The Ghost Cloak's biggest problem is not being able ghost form to attack while on the offensive.

It shouldn't discourage heroes from using it. Despite its rarity, it's still a powerful escape tool that can be used by any player.